The biggest collection of souvenirs bearing the image of Leopold II has been exposed to the public for the first time at Arenberg Auctions in Brussels.
What was the role of women artists in Late Renaissance and Baroque Italy and how did they express their own art in a male-oriented world?
For the first time in Europe, the Art and History Museum is dedicating a major exhibition to the art of pre-Columbian textiles.
About 60 works claiming to be by the mysterious British street artist known as Banksy have been taken into custody by bailiffs after a dispute over the rights to display the works.
Brussels Prime Minister Rudi Vervoort and renowned Belgian cartoonist Philippe Geluck on Thursday signed a partnership convention for the creation by 2023 of a museum devoted to cartoons and, in particular, Le Chat (The Cat), the character Geluck created.

52% of Belgians identify as Catholic

Friday, 23 November 2018 09:44
Just over half of all Belgians – 52% – say they are Catholics, according to a survey carried out by the Church for its first-ever annual report. However fewer than one in ten attends Mass a minimum of once a month.
A part of Brussels’ medieval city wall which collapsed on Monday will be rebuilt using the original stones, the city’s councillor for buildings, Geoffroy Coomans, has promised.
The artist David Hockney this week made the record books with the sale of one of his works for the highest price ever paid for a living artist. Flemish artist Koen Vanmechelen’s work ComingWorldRememberMe (CWRM), however, is currently the most popular in Belgium – and he’s giving it away.
The work on the Palace of Justice’s facades should be brought to an end in 2030, and then the building should be freed from its ancestral and famous scaffolding, said Jan Jambon, Minister in charge of Public Buildings, during a House Committee, in response to Karine Lalieux (PS).
“Girl”, the first feature length film by Lukas Dhont, is among the five nominees for the Best Film category at the European Film Awards.