Dr. Justino Obama Nve makes a diagnosis

Wednesday, 26 October 2016 11:28
On October 19, in the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia in Moscow, a presentation of a Russian edition of a book named “Spain in the Heart of Africa - A doctor's journal” took place.
Do you admire bottoms? If so, you might be fascinated by a new photographic exhibition coming to Brussels.
Between 20 and 25 pâtissiers and artisans were in Verviers working together from 10am on Sunday morning.
Cultural holidays and Sunny holidays are the most popular choices for Belgian tourists who are going away during the October holidays, Thomas Cook Belgium announced on Saturday.
Belgium ranks 5th in champagne imports in the world, with 9,200,000 bottles officially shipped to the Kingdom.
The “Prix de l’humeur vache” was awarded to Belgian-Israeli Michel Kichka and Moroccan Khalid Gueddar.
The Brussels Region and Centre Pompidou reached a partnership agreement seeking to transform the old Citroën Yser garage into a cultural centre of modern and contemporary art, as well as of architecture.
Several Belgian beers won medals during the World Beer Awards in Britain.
A third part of Magritte’s The Enchanted Pose, representing two nude women, surfaced in the United Kingdom.

Gordel Festival attracts 16,000 people

Sunday, 04 September 2016 22:24
The fourth Gordel Festival attracted 16,000 people on Sunday, which the organisers said was 3,000 less than last year.