I have been prescribed a medication. What do I do?


Friday, 07 December 2018 11:30

If you are on your way from the doctor’s office with a prescription in hand, you might be wondering what your local pharmacist is going to charge you or whether some of the costs might be covered by the Belgian healthcare system. Keep reading!
Pay only for your share

In Belgium, medicines can be partially or totally reimbursed on the condition that they are prescribed by a doctor and that they figure on a list of authorised medicines.

What you need to do is simply go to a pharmacy and give them your doctor’s prescription. Thanks to the ‘third-party payer’ system, you only have to pay for your share of the costs. For this, show either one of the three following documents:

- Belgian ID card with chip
- Belgian ID card without chip and an identification sticker from your health insurance.
- Diplomatic ID document or other and an identification sticker from your health insurance.


Don’t have any of these documents with you at the pharmacist? You will then have to pay for the total amount and ask for a reimbursement later. Make sure to ask your pharmacy for a ‘BVAC’ or ‘Annexe 30’ document.

If you need help, contact Partena Business & Expats or visit your local Partena agency for more details about the procedure.

We wish you a speedy recovery!
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