A study of some 160 Flanders nesting bird species, highlighted that 38% of them are “seriously endangered”, “endangered” or indeed “vulnerable”.
The federal government is investing billions of euros in building new prisons.
UNIA, the former Inter-federal Centre for Equal Opportunities, has opened a racism case following Miss Belgium posting a comment on the social network Instagram.
A baby was found in the road yesterday evening (Monday) in Wijnegem, in the Antwerp province.
De Standaard are publishing today that The Treasury recovered around 16.5 million euros last year.

2016 record year for Belgian property market

Tuesday, 17 January 2017 15:01
The Belgian property market had a record jump in transactions of 8.2% compared to the previous year, per figures published in the Belgian property lawyer's barometer publication today.
Belgium has just motored into the top 3 European countries with proportionally most cars that are both electric and gas-powered.
Belgium's electricity transmission system operator anticipated on Friday that strategic reserves could be activated this week, for the first time in their history.
Belgium has not been spared the scourge of unequal wealth distribution.
Romanie Schotte has been crowned Miss Belgium 2017. The 19 year old from Bruges was chosen during a gala evening at the Plopsa theatre in Adinkerke (La Panne) on Saturday.