The number of requests for Belgian nationality has dropped dramatically.
The Flemish government has adopted a decree that would ban fur-farming and force-feeding (“gavage”, the technique used to produce foie gras).
The Belgian Federation for Fuel Negotiators (Brafco) disapproves of the Flemish government’s decision to ban the sale of oil heaters from 2021.
On Sunday, the Foreign Affairs Office confirmed a Belgian man drowned in Lake Balaton in Hungary on Friday.
Business leaders in Flanders have expressed satisfaction with the decisions taken by the regional government on Friday, after a marathon 20-hour sitting preceding their departure on vacation.
The Flemish Brabant Provincial Governor issued Friday a police order prohibiting unnecessary use of water in fifteen municipalities.
Around 200,000 people took part in the activities arranged for the National Day celebrations on Saturday, with the final fireworks display on the Place des Palais closed once the limit of 25,000 people had been reached.
Prime Councillor Alain Courtois’ statement does not commit the Brussels Communal College to anything, mayor Philippe Close said on Friday.
Motorists in Flanders and other parts of Belgium should be aware of the dangers in this season of over-excited deer who may stray onto the roads, the Sint-Hubertus Association, which represents hunters, has warned.
As the country celebrates National Day on 21 July, King Philippe has revealed a new hobby: painting.