The university of Leuven student club Reuzegom, which organised an initiation rite for new members which led to the death of one student, has disbanded amid calls for an end to such rituals, and demands from the parents of the dead student for a full investigation of the circumstances.
Two professors at the Catholic University of Louvain have come up with a model for raising the fees paid by foreign students, Le Soir reported on Tuesday.
Flemish education minister Hilde Crevits has demanded a meeting with the region’s five universities and their student clubs, after a 20-year-old student died as a result of an initiation rite.
The Belgian intelligence services have warned of a growing trend for Muslim parents to take their children out of schools system, for home-schooling which exposes the children to extremist Salafist propaganda.
The largest source of sexual abuse by clergy in recent years was schools, according to a new report compiled for the Belgian bishops’ conference by professor emeritus Manu Keirse of Leuven university.
The Free University of Brussels (ULB) held a ceremony Monday morning at the Erasmus campus in honor of Dr. Denis Mukwege, lecturer at the University and co-winner of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize with Nadia Murad for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of…
Some schoolchildren are spending up to four hours a day on the school bus, just to get to and from school, according to the latest annual report by the children’s rights commissioner for Flanders, Bruno Vanobbergen.
Between 2000 and 2015, the budget for compulsory education has increased by 10% in Wallonia-Brussels, while it decreased by 15% for higher education, according to a comparative study prepared by Jean-Paul Lambert, Honorary Rector of St. Louis University.
A Flemish court last week upheld a complaint by the parents of a handicapped child who was turned away from his primary school in Antwerp Province despite legislation in Flanders on inclusive education.
Teachers of geography in the Catholic education system in Flanders have expressed misgivings over a proposal to include their subject in a bundle covering a number of science and technical subjects.