Teacher training – Faculty deans send critical letter to Minister Marcourt

Sunday, 28 January 2018 01:12
Ten faculty deans from the ULB, the Université Saint-Louis, the UCL, UNamur and UMons have signed a letter addressed to the French-language Higher Education Minister Jean-Claude Marcourt.
The letter criticises a proposed bill that would reform Teacher training, Le Soir reported on Saturday.

When talking about training future secondary school teachers, the dean’s letter says “the creation of a bachelor degree in section 4 education will force students to make a professional choice as soon as they start University”. The deans think this could compromise the “University system as a whole, as it supposes that basic bachelor courses are not directly centred on professionalization”.  

Those that signed the letter are also worried about the lesser focus on the subjects the students will teach. This would “not help ensure future teachers have what they need”.

They are also disappointed that instructions on how to “practically organise the planned increased collaboration” between schools and universities are not included in the decree. They say “the increase in the administrative workload doesn’t seem to have been taken into account” and ask for a “feasibility study”.

Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)
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