The results obtained by foreign higher education students will now count in the recognition of their student visa.
The new school year opens soon, but whether students go back to school on foot, on bicycle or by car, they and their parents will be exposed to excessively polluted air, Test-Achats said on Tuesday.

Free coding courses to open in Flanders

Monday, 13 August 2018 18:07
BeCode, the coding school that offers people free training in web development, will soon also be coming to Flanders, namely Genk and Antwerp.
About 27% of children in Flemish areas just outside Brussels go to French-language schools in the capital or Wallonia, Het Laatste Nieuws reported on Monday, quoting figures from the Flemish Agency for Education Services, AGODI.
Brussels is to get a new European School, after the federal government approved financing of €50-€70 million for the project.
The success rate of the July medicine and dentistry entrance exam in the Walloon-Brussels Federation reached 20.26%, announced Monday the Academy for Research and Higher education (ARES).
The Flemish government has introduced new rules for anyone filming or photographing children taking part in school activities, according to the education secretariat for cities and municipalities.
A total of 849 students have registered for the first session of the veterinary studies orientation exam, scheduled for Wednesday, the Academy of Research and Higher Education, Ares, disclosed on Tuesday.
The Academy for Research and Higher Education (ARES) has registered 4,058 applications for the first session of the entry examination for medical and dental studies in the Brussels-Wallonia Federation.
New drivers who obtain their driving licence from July this year in Flanders will have to come back for a second test six to nine months later, to undergo a series of practical exercises.