Around 15% of teachers don’t have the qualification required by most of the Royal secondary education establishments in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (FWB).
The Vrij Technische Instituut (VTI) admitted looking at two of its pupil’s Facebooks on Tuesday, but the technical school’s Management staff denied systematically screening all the profiles later that day. It met with the two pupils concerned and their parents.
The universities of Liege and Namur have joined forces to offer a new training programme in Management of Intangible Cultural Heritage, they revealed on Friday.
According to a report by the Walloon Council for policy on Science (Conseil Wallon de la politique scientific, CPS), described in the Echo, 45% of pupils in their 2nd year and a third of those in their third year chose science in Secondary school.
Ghent University will decide on measures to help students choose their path in January, for example making students repeating a year earn 75% of the points.
To mark International Students' Day on November 17th, the French-speaking Student Federation (FEF) and its Dutch-speaking counterpart,Vlaamse Vereniging van Studenten (VVS), are planning various actions on Monday, including demonstrations in 8 different cities across the country.
Belgium has climbed to ninth place in the English Proficiency Index (EF EPI), the world ranking that measures knowledge of English as a second language.