A criminal investigation was opened after the death of a first-year student from Ghent University.
A pilot project will aim to help internships and vocational studies become even more Europe-oriented from next autumn.
The Health Minister Maggie De Block (Open VLD) told L’Echo there would be “enough Inami numbers for all medical students doing their 4th Master year”.

Cheap telescopes for special education

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 17:39
Thanks to the “Stars shine for everyone” project, special education schools can buy telescopes for as little as 100 euros.
Seven Belgian universities made the annual “QS World University” rankings published on Tuesday, including 4 in the top 200 universities.
Young people aged 7 to 22 from all European Union member States and associated countries have been invited to take part in the Odysseus II competition, which starts on the 1st of September.
Within the European Union, the proportion of young non-EU citizens affected by early leaving from education and training is more than twice that of ‘nationals’ (citizens of the reporting country), observes Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Union, in a press release.
The majority of Belgians that get family allowances (87%) say the back to school bonus is too low.
Although spending one secondary school year abroad has always been popular, figures provided by the department of the French Community in Belgium and the main certified coordination organisations on Wednesday indicate that this trend is on the rise, with more and more young people going abroad to study at some…
Louvain School of Management has climbed to take the number one spot in the category of best universal business school in Belgium.