Only 60% of workers receive general training, which is “an astonishingly low percentage,” the Acerta human-resources agency and the Belgian jobs website disclosed on Friday following a study conducted among 3,700 workers.
Holidays over? Did they holidays go by too quickly? Spare a thought for your neighbours in other countries.
The number of employees going on early retirement has decreased significantly in four years, Dr Morgen reported on Friday.
A third of Belgian workers receive meal vouchers, according to the service provider RH Acerta’s study carried out on 40,000 workers.
The federal home affairs ministry has changed the rules on police personnel having second jobs outside the force, police unions said. Police officers may now have jobs on the side, with certain exceptions.

Job vacancies on the increase in Flanders

Wednesday, 08 August 2018 17:22
The number of job vacancies in Flanders continues to rise, according to figures published on Wednesday by the Flemish employment service, VDAB.

Rubbish collection strike goes on in Ghent

Wednesday, 08 August 2018 12:13
A strike by workers for the Ghent waste management company Ivago continues today, as uncollected rubbish lines the streets, in a situation made worse by record high temperatures.

Some unexpected effects of the heatwave

Wednesday, 08 August 2018 11:19
The news speaks of little else these days: record temperatures, measures against wasting water while still drinking enough, the ongoing heatwave (we’ve had two in one month) is the story of the summer, when all other stories seem to disappear. But here are some aspects of the heat that may be…
Chemical and pharmaceutical companies in Flanders currently have 1,522 open vacancies.
Brussels-Capital Region had 90,673 jobseekers at the end of July, a drop of 2.5% on an annualized basis, the regional employment office, Actiris, reported on Thursday.