Blokker family wants to sell namesake stores

Monday, 12 November 2018 17:23
The Blokker family has decided to sell its shares in its namesake stores.
Women’s gross monthly salaries are on average 500 euros less than those of their male counterparts, according to figures from the Partena social secretariat, quoted by L’Echo on Friday.
The Workers Party of Belgium (PTB) is calling on the State to review cost-of-living salary allowances to reflect the consumer price index rather than the health index.
The share price in the semi-state owned Bpost dropped by more than 10% when stock markets opened on Thursday, as the effects of unions’ week-long strike spread.
Seven out of ten Belgians are not satisfied with their current income, reveals a new component of the national survey on happiness that was performed by Gent University (UGent) and the life insurer NN on 3,770 people.

Public services in Brussels on strike today

Thursday, 08 November 2018 07:39
Anyone planning a visit to public services in the 19 municipalities of Brussels today will face locked doors, as civil servants at communes, CPAS social aid agencies and public hospitals stay closed as employees take part in a demonstration in the city.
A six-day strike by baggage handlers at Brussels Airport caused chaos for thousands of passengers, but such a situation could be avoided in future if a third competing company were to be brought in by the airport’s operating company, BAC.
The baggage handlers’ strike at Brussels Airport is over, after staff at Aviapartner approved a pre-accord reached between unions and management on Wednesday.

Bpost calls five-day strike in November

Wednesday, 31 October 2018 11:03
Unions representing postal workers have issued a strike notice of industrial action from 7 to 12 November, with a warning that the action could be extended.
Belgian employees work on average 24 hours and three minutes per week, 63% of the weekly maximum of 38 hours, according to a study by the Acerta human resources company.