Most Belgians afraid of changing jobs

Wednesday, 27 June 2018 14:34
Job mobility is particularly low in Belgium, with most workers saying they prefer to remain at their current posts and employers, while a mere 15.81% are actively seeking other jobs, according to the 9th annual report of the Acerta human resources firm, published on Wednesday.
Belgian labour inspectors have checked 174 dubious businesses in big cities so far this year and found that 98 of their 214 workers were not employed using the proper procedures, including 34 who were undeclared.
Brussels Airlines pilots have rejected a proposal aimed at solving the issues of pressure on the job and remuneration but have not opted to go on strike since both parties would like to continue their negotiations.Jason BennettThe Brussels Times
The number of students doing undeclared work in Belgium increased in 2018, according to a study by the Randstad human resources firm.
More than 3,500 pensioners have opted for a flexi job.
All employees whose employer offers a company pension will soon be entitled to it, according to De Tijd on Tuesday.
Belgium still has the highest percentage of unfilled posts in the Euro zone, with its job-vacancy rate for the first quarter of 2018 at 3.5%, according to data published on Monday by Eurostat.
The socialist railway workers’ union CGSP Cheminots has announced the intention to strike for two days at the end of the month.
The number of self-employed workers in Belgium has increased constantly since 2002, attaining 1,087,763 last year, 2.76% more than in 2016, the National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-Employed (NISSE) said on Thursday in its annual report.
Carrefour wants to place about 600 people from the age of 56 on early retirement.