Unions representing the pilots of Brussels Airlines have called for strike action on Monday and Wednesday next week, leaving the airline with the problem of an expected 34,000 passengers on Monday alone.
Unions representing Brussels Airlines’ pilots have lodged strike notice with the airline.
Years go by and look alike for Belgian contractors of major works.
Ikea Group announced on Thursday that it will cut 150 jobs, mostly in Sweden but also in Belgium and the Netherlands.
The management of De Lijn transport company has expressed regret at the fact that the socialist and liberal trade unions representing some of their workers have lodged strike notice.
Every other day, a person loses his life because of a workplace accident in Belgium.
No less than 23,7% of the active Belgian labour force works from home, either from time to time or on a regular basis.
Belgium has the second highest hourly labour costs in Europe, 39.6 euros in 2017 as against 39.2 euros in the previous year, the European statistical office, Eurostat, reported on Monday.
The railway workers of the CGSP union reaffirmed on Friday "its total opposition" to the implementation of the new provisions on hardship.
The Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health, Maggie De Block (Open Vld), has informed Belgium’s health insurance funds that they will now receive financial incentives to foster the reintegration of long-term patients into the work place.