More and more teleworkers are working in the civil service.

Record number of vacancies in Flanders

Wednesday, 12 April 2017 16:18
The number of vacancies processed by the Flemish employment agency, VDAB, continues to grow each month.
On Friday, Prime Minister Charles Michel celebrated recent reports by the Bureau du Plan and National Bank, as they show a lot of jobs were created in 2016.
Around 30 businesses in the automobile sector want to recruit 600 new employees in Belgium.
More than 25,000 people found employment through the CPAS system back in 2015, according to the Social Integration Minister Willy Borsus.
A new law has been drawn up by the federal government to limit salary increases over the next few years.
John Crombez, President of the Flemish sp.a, wants everyone to get a full pension after they’ve worked for 42 years.
The Government of Brussels decided on Friday to double the amount allocated to its policy of diversity in public service, increasing to 1.5 million euros its 2017 budgetary allocation for administrations that employ job seekers from neighbourhoods with significant levels of unemployment, the Region’s Secretary of State for the Public…
The year 2016 may well have recorded the highest number of strikes in recent Belgian history, according to figures from the National Social Security Office, ONSS, published on Friday by De Tijd newspaper. From April to June alone, about 247,300 days of strikes were recorded.
Enjoyment in the workplace does not generate sufficient interest in Belgium, even though it is an essential factor for prolonging work careers.