The “discreet” childbirth proposal that the Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats (Open Vld) party wants to relaunch in parliament is no solution for mothers who leave their newborns in the baby box in Antwerp, says Moeders voor Moeders, the non-profit that created the box 17 years ago.
The Antwerp Institute of Tropical Medicine and the travel clinic of the University Hospital of Ghent have registered a steady increase in the number of persons taking vaccinations for long-distance travel in recent years.
Emissions from vehicles fixed by their manufacturers to appear more ecologically sound than they really are, could be responsible for 5,000 deaths per year from air pollution in Europe, notes a study published on Monday in the Environmental Research Letters magazine.
Half of doctors working in emergency are seriously thinking about changing jobs.
People in French-speaking Belgium could see the number of general practitioners at their disposal shrink by half within 20 years, barring policy changes, Le Soir daily reported on Monday.
A law stipulating that a gay man may donate blood if he has not had sexual relations with another man for the 12 preceding months was published on Monday in Belgium's Official Gazette, le Moniteur belge.
The Ecolo party on Wednesday called on Walonia’s government to take further measures to broaden the transition to a sustainable agro-ecological model, in addition to steps already announced by the regional executive following the contamination of eggs with the pesticide Fipronil.
“There was no threat to public health”, according to Herman Diricks from the Belgian Agency for Food Safety (Afsca).
Afsca has not brought in tests for the chemical Fipronil, even though the agency was alerted to the fact it was toxic a year ago.
Federal police and the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, Afsca, conducted 11 searches on Thursday in Belgium under the investigation into the presence of the pesticide Fipronil in eggs, the Office of the Prosecutor of Anvers has disclosed.