Just as the Brussels government has requested financial compensation from the tobacco industry for public money invested in the fight against pollution by cigarette butts thrown on the street, Wallonia is discussing with the tobacco companies.
The European Commission on Thursday opened an infringement action against Belgium for failing to comply with EU legislation on air quality.
Parking using an invalid disabled parking permit – the familiar wheelchair graphic on a blue background – has become more easily detectable, with a new app to be issued to traffic wardens and police.
Wallonia’s Minister of the Environment, Carlo Di Antonio, and the Scientific Public Service Institute, ISSeP, on Tuesday presented an overview of legislation and studies currently being done on pesticides in the region.
The ministers of health of the federal, regional and local governments on Tuesday concluded a draft agreement on the distribution of 25 future hospital networks, Brussels State Secretary Cécile Jodogne announced in a press release.
A group of Brussels’ top chefs gathered yesterday at the weekend to make soup in public to aid an appeal for the homeless organised by the Red Cross.
The Brussels public transport authority Stib has admitted that nine cases of scabies have been discovered among staff at the transport depot in Haren in the north of Brussels.

Pharmacists warn of dire shortage of drugs

Thursday, 01 November 2018 16:31
The list of drugs unavailable in Belgium is becoming increasingly longer, the Belgian Pharmaceutical Association warned on Thursday, according to VTM Nieuws.
Almost four in ten students in Belgium drink more than recommended, according to a study carried out by the university of Leuven, among its own students.
Federal public health mini9ster Maggie De Block is reported to be working on a set of guidelines which would set maximum terms during which people suffering from eight conditions could take paid sick leave from work.