The tobacco industry is launching a lobbying campaign against Social Affairs and Health Minister Maggie De Block, according to information obtained by Het Nieuwsblad daily.
The High Council for Health has revised its advice on alcohol consumption, with a number of new recommendations.
The federal Health minister Maggie De Block (Open Vld) is fed up of the fragmentation between the eight different Health ministers.
The trend in Brussels and Wallonia is towards more natural deliveries, with less obstetric intervention, but there are great disparities between maternity clinics, according to the latest reports from the Centre for Perinatal Epidemiology (CEpiP) for the two regions, released on Friday.
Esthio, the catering company from Harelbeke in West Flanders suspected of being at the source of a salmonella outbreak that affected hundreds of children in some 40 schools, has been given permission to begin delivering meals again.

Age limit for blood donations lifted

Wednesday, 06 June 2018 11:11
The age limit for blood donors of 71 years has been lifted, in an effort to replenish the blood stocks of the Red Cross, a spokesperson said.
More than 110,000 Belgians, 75% of whom are women, are affected by Verneuil's disease.
As the number of school children in East and West Flanders infected by a salmonella outbreak rises to 313, the cause remains unknown, investigators said.
A new rule to make it possible for doctors and other care-givers to speak out in cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) has been unanimously agreed by MPs.
In the aftermath of the meat unfit for consumption scandal connected with the Veviba slaughter house, the distributor Delhaize has decided to claim a 6.5 million euros compensation from the Bastogne Slaughterhouse and Market (AMB) and from the Lanciers Slaughterhouse, in Rochefort, which belongs to Verbist.