4 in 10 doctors are women

Sunday, 23 April 2017 21:22
4 in 10 doctors in Belgium are women. It has just hit the 40% mark, according to figures from the Public Health SPF, which La Libre Belgique looked at.
HIV self-tests for screening HIV, allowing anyone to know whether to worry about possibly being infected with the Aids virus will be available beginning Wednesday at pharmacies.
Belgium is thinking of investing 10 million euros in a technological platform that would register the DNA of tens of millions of Belgians, L’Echo reported on Saturday.
Three firms have put seasonal anti-flu vaccines on the Belgian market for the coming winter, stated Monday the spokesperson for the Federal agency for medical and health products (AFMPS).
The Walloon Minister of Health Maxime Prévot contracted a new scientific study for responding to fears of part of the population of Fernelmont (Province of Namur).

Belgians lived shorter lives in 2015

Thursday, 01 September 2016 18:15
The average Belgian lost on average 64 days of life expectancy in 2015.
The level 2 warning phase of the “Ozone and high temperatures” plan to be instated from Wednesday to Sunday, given the forecast for high temperatures in the coming days, announced Tuesday Cellule interrégionale de l'Environnement (CELINE).
The Council for the Order of Doctors wants to black list violent patients, so they can be refused access to medical cabinets.
Belgium’s National Medical Association has expressed dismay at the alarming incidence of violence against health professionals following the stabbing of a general practitioner in Forest on Thursday morning.
The Belgian French-speaking Red Cross has called for urgent blood donations, a few days after its Flemish counterpart did the same.