Federal public health mini9ster Maggie De Block is reported to be working on a set of guidelines which would set maximum terms during which people suffering from eight conditions could take paid sick leave from work.
In order to meet the increasing demand for healthcare providers, Flanders is looking beyond its borders.
The Belgian medical association has warned its members that signing a medical certificate for a police officer to allow them to take part in a work to rule could constitute a criminal offence.
Insurance companies will no longer be able to increase medical insurance charges for people who have previously suffered from long-term illnesses, consumer affairs minister Kris Peeters announced.

Two Belgians contract rare tick-borne disease

Saturday, 13 October 2018 09:04
Two Belgians are thought to have contracted a tick-borne disease rare in this country according to the Institute for Tropical Medicine in Antwerp.
Students in the city of Ghent were offered an order of fries on Wednesday night if they didn’t urinate on the street.
Four out of ten general hospitals in Belgium, whether public or private, is operating in the red, according to a study by Belfius bank.
Thus far 70 wild boars have tested positive for African swine fever, Wallonia’s Minister of Agriculture, René Collin, said on Tuesday after receiving a report on the latest tests from the region’s Wildlife Health Monitoring Network.
Certimed and Mediwe, companies that carry out medical examinations, say current labour legislation needs to be amended given the shortage of doctors required to check, at the request of an employer, whether an employee has a legitimate medical reason to be absent from work.
One Federal Police Service vehicle in six is too polluting to be used in Brussels and Antwerp since the two cities have imposed low emission zones (LEZ), preventing the most polluting vehicles from entering their territory, La dernière heure, Het Laatste Nieuws and De Morgen reported Monday.