It is obviously unacceptable that a man died after making three futile attempts to call 112.
Communes, public social services centres and the entire association-based network is on the front line for the ageing population.
The Walloon government approved a law seeking to develop and perpetuate subsidies for aggregated support and care services for prostitutes through field associations.
Maggie De Block, the Social Affairs and Health Minister, is looking into whether it is possible to lift the life-long ban on bi and homosexuals giving blood.

More and more cancer medication trials

Saturday, 07 May 2016 20:11
Belgian University hospitals will work hand in hand with pharmaceutical companies to offer a bigger range of medication to patients suffering from cancer.
There will be 12,000 Red Cross volunteers criss-crossing Brussels and Wallonia until May 12th to raise funds for the charity, Red Cross announced.
The need to centralise lung cancer surgery to within a limited number of specialist hospitals, which have recorded significant levels of activity in the field, has been confirmed by data analysis within the field of 13,000 Belgian cancer patients, amongst whom invasive lung cancer was diagnosed in 2010 or 2011.
The Social Affairs and Health Minister Maggie De Block presented an anti-smoking plan on Saturday, as part of the Budget check.
Around 75% of older people do not have sufficient income to cover the monthly cost of their stay in nursing homes, a survey by the Socialist mutual group Solidaris, which is reported on Friday in the Sudpresse publications states.
The Psychologist’s Commission met with more than 1,000 psychologists in Brussels, for a day of reflection on how to define their profession.