Fewer and fewer Belgians take antidepressants

Monday, 17 September 2018 16:29
For the first time in years, the number of Belgians taking antidepressants is decreasing.
As Mobility Week kicks off with Car-Free Sunday, the Flemish government’s traffic centre has revealed record numbers of traffic jams in the region (which includes the Brussels Ring) last year.
The European Commission will be sending a team of experts to Belgium this weekend to support its efforts to contain African swine fever, a Commission spokesperson said on Friday.

Belgium pays dearly for past asbestos imports

Friday, 14 September 2018 17:26
Belgium is bracing for a hike in deaths linked to substantial asbestos imports in the past, De Standaard reported on Friday.
Belgium will adopt the Australian idea of selling cigarettes in neutral, brand-free packets from now on, federal minister for public health Maggie De Block as announced. The minister announced the idea only weeks ago, but has since received a rapid agreement from government colleagues.
Pregnant women should abstain entirely from alcohol during their pregnancy, according to a new campaign from the department of Maggie De Block, federal minister for public health.
Medical authorities in Belgium have been quick to reassure the public that a common bacterium which affects hospital patients while showing resistance to the usual gamut of treatments is under control by common measures such as staff hygiene and preventive measures.
Some 390,000 persons in Belgium will be living with dementia by 2050, Le Soir newspaper reported on Friday, noting that this was more than double the current number.
The children held with their mothers in the Detention Centre 127 bis in Steenokkerzeel are affected by their deprivation of freedom, says pediatrician Paulette De Backer in La Libre Belgique after having visited the premises.

New food labelling system: the Nutri-Score

Thursday, 23 August 2018 10:36
Federal health minister Maggie De Bock is ready to introduce a new sort of food labelling – the Nutri-Score, a coloured ticket which gives an indication from A to E the extent to which a food product contributes to a healthy diet.