Brussels March for Climate on Sunday was tainted by damage committed by “gilet jaune" (yellow jackets) present on the fringe of the march.
Members of the Brussels branch of Open Vld approved the manifesto for the 29th of May regional elections on Saturday. 
Leopold II’s statue on Place du Trône, Brussels, had been defaced by graffiti after the “Occupy for Climate” sit-in.
Joëlle Milquet, one of the major figures of recent national politics for Christian democrat party cdH, has surprised everyone by withdrawing her name to lead the party list for the federal election in May in Brussels. Instead, she will take a job within the EU Commission.
The federal parliament has voted down an amendment to the country's constitution which would have been necessary to allow the passage of the controversial new climate law. The amendment failed to achieve the two-thirds majority required.
One of the country's top civil servants has been giving a round of interviews on the eve of his retirement, and Frank Van Massenhove, head of the federal social security administration, is not mincing his words.
Climate activists who partially occupied rue de la Loi throughout Sunday evening and night have packed up. With police consent, they will continue their mobilization on Place du Trône.
The N-VA is calling for a new tax shift and for the lowest pensions to be increased.  
The Security Management Unit (DAB, Direction de la Sécurisation)  opened 1 January, is still far from having recruited the necessary staff, De Tijd published on Thursday.
As the legislative session slowly winds down to the May elections, the federal parliament this week passed a number of measures affecting the self-employed, prisons, small business owners and others.