Prime minister Charles Michel takes a plane for Marrakesh today, determined to communicate Belgium’s support for the United Nations’ migration pact, despite the fact that he leaves behind the collapse of his majority government over that very issue.
Federal ministers this week approved a new Maritime Plan for the North Sea – which no longer includes a project to create an artificial island off the coast of Knokke.
Madrid is annoyed by tweets from new Belgian Defence Minister Sander Loones (New Flemish Alliance, N-VA) on the Catalan issue, and this could become a diplomatic incident, De Tijd reported on Thursday.
As of the time of writing, the Belgian federal government is still standing. By the time readers come to this, there is a strong possibility that the government coalition that has existed until now will have dissolved.
Sunday’s Claim the Climate march in Brussels, with 65-75,000 people taking part (depending on who is estimating) was the biggest of its kind the country has ever seen, and dwarfed only by a march against nuclear weapons in 1983, and the White March against inaction against child abuse in 1996,…
Matthias De Clercq, grandson of former minister Willy De Clercq, will be the new mayor of Ghent, replacing long-standing mayor Daniel Termont, and heading a four-party coalition of his own Open VLD, Groen, socialists and one member of CD&V.
A deputation of the protestors known as the Yellow Vests took to the streets of Brussels yesterday (Friday), in a demonstration planned to be about the cost of living, but which turned into a riot.
Bart Tommelein, Flemish minister for finance and energy, will give up his post at the end of the month instead of waiting for the regional elections in May next year as previously announced, he said.
A demonstration by the protestors known as the “gilets jaunes” or Yellow Vests from their adoption of a high-visibility jacket as a uniform, will take place in Brussels today after all, the Brussels-Ixelles police zone has confirmed.
Karel De Gucht, a former foreign minister and European trade Commissioner, has refused a deal with the tax authorities over alleged tax evasion, and now faces the possibility of criminal charges. De Gucht is suspected along with his wife, Mireille Schreurs.