Brussels residents and visitors will soon be able to share their opinions and recommendations on the city in three of the capital’s districts through the application "Brussels By Us".
In an interview in La Dernière heure Saturday, the PS president announces his party’s 30 measures for "the planet and those who inhabit it," in view of the May 26 elections.
Flight routes into and out of Brussels Airport were established over the last couple of decades on the basis of “dubious criteria,” without being preceded by thorough analysis of the impact on residents, according to a new report.
Yesterday's third march for the climate in Brussels set a new record for attendance, as we report elsewhere. And the movement is not only growing in scope, but also in weight.
First there were the school students from Flanders, come to Brussels to demonstrate in favour of demanding more action from the government against climate change.
The municipal social aid agency (OCMW) in Antwerp has stopped using the services of private detectives to investigate aid claimants, following a decision by the organisation's outgoing chair, Fons Duchateau.
FEBETRA (Royal Belgian Road-Haulers and Logistics Service Providers Federation) wrote to Interior Minister Pieter De Crem, requesting that measures be taken to end the yellow jackets road blocks, Sudpresse titles report Thursday.
In its annual report presented on Thursday morning in Berlin, the NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) pinpoints the confinement of families with children in closed centers in Belgium.
Melikan Kucam, the Mechelen city councillor accused of selling humanitarian visas for cash, sold off 200 visas for a fee of 10,000 euros each, according to reports from inside his party, Flemish nationalists N-VA.
The Secretary of State for Migration, Theo Francken, decided independently on the attribution of humanitarian visas, Deputy Prime Minister Kris Peeters said on Wednesday.