The Standard and Poor’s (S&P), an American financial institution, has highlighted the “very efficient” financial management of the Brussels-Capital region.
Steven Vandeput will not be Defence Minister in the next cabinet, he said in an interview with Het Nieuwsblad on Saturday.
Serge Lipszyc, justice adviser to the government of Charles Michel (MR), will likely be appointed next week to head the I Committee or Permanent Oversight Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services.
Prime Minister Michel (MR) said, "We will not decide on F-16s, as long as we do not have all the information" during a debate in the House on Thursday, while coalition partner N-VA stressed the importance of renewing the F-16 fleet.
The former PS President Paul Magnette does not currently see a scenario where the PS could govern with the N-VA.

Bungalow park to replace Limburg forest

Saturday, 17 March 2018 14:48
In Dilsen-Stokkem in Limburg, a valuable forest must make room for a holiday park. Flemish Member of Parliament Elisabeth Meuleman (Groen) fears “ecological havoc” and sharply criticises Joke Schauvliege (CD & V), Flemish minister of the Environment, who accuses Groen of playing politics.
Belgium’s Federal Government decided on Friday to break off immediately its convention with Saudi Arabia on the Great Mosque of Brussels.
The House Foreign Relations Committee unanimously approved Wednesday a motion for a resolution recognizing the segregation of mixed-race children in the former Belgian colonies.
Members of the Flemish Parliament say they feel muzzled in their attempts to call their executive to account by questioning them, De Standaard newspaper reported on Monday.
Prime Minister Charles Michel had this message for unregistered immigrants and those sheltering them: “seek asylum! Join the Rule of Law”.