A lunar eclipse due to take place on 27 July will be visible from Belgium, the Mira Observatory in Grimbergen has said.
Cutting out the red tape that needs to be endured before one can benefit from energy and renovation allowances is the second phase of a plan proposed by Wallonia’s Energy and Housing ministers, Jean-Luc Crucke and Valerie de Bue respectively.
Prince Laurent will contest parliament’s reduction of his allowance before the Council of State, his attorney,  Maitre Laurent Arnauts said on Friday.
Polish President Andrzej Duda on Friday presented a plan for a referendum that would include questions on whether Poland’s membership of the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) should be enshrined in a new constitution.
The Walloon Minister for Countryside, René Collin, confirmed on Friday in a communiqué the presence of a wolf in Les Fagnes (the Belgian High Fens).
Drawing upon the superb route of the Red Devils in Russia, once again King Philippe underlined on Friday, in his traditional July 21st speech (a day early), that it is in the interest of all Belgians to remain united.
On Thursday, the national parliament approved the draft assent to the commercial treaty between the European Union and Canada.
Brussels City Council no longer perceives that there is any justification for the presence, in Maximilian Park, of migrants who are not actually seeking asylum.
Bruges attracts an increasing number of cruise tourists, which worries Ann Soete, leading figure of Open Vid in the Northern Venice.
Five years to the day of his accession to the throne of Belgium on the abdication of his father Albert II, King Philippe will tomorrow celebrate the National Day under the cloud of a survey carried out for Le Soir newspaper, which suggests the royal couple are no longer up…