Belgium’s cabinet on Friday approved the multiannual investment plans for 2018-2020 and strategic investment plans of the SNCB and Infrabel railway companies, thereby pledging to invest 5.3 billion euros in the railway sector in coming years.
Pilots at Brussels Airlines will step up their ad hoc protests if management does not address their demands by next week, Paul Buekenhout of the LBC trade union warns.
Carrefour Belgium has not received regional Walloon assistance, as far as research into the issue, carried out over recent years, shows.

Brussels: jobseekers' numbers drop again

Friday, 02 February 2018 17:16
Unemployment dropped again, this time by -4.4 %, in the Brussels Region in January, reducing the number of jobseekers to 91,877 -16.5%- the region’s public employment service, Actiris, announced on Friday.
Belgium’s cabinet on Friday approved a gradual reduction of the military presence in the country’s streets following the downgrading of the security-threat level from 3 to 2.
The Prime Minister, Charles Michel, spoke for the first time to parliament, since the barrage of criticisms which the government bill on immigration home visits received.
The newspaper L'Echo, has received further information as to Carles Puidgemont’s movements from a so-called “reliable source”.
The Carrefour hypermarkets in Westerlo and Angleur (in the Belle-Île shopping centre) will not open on Friday, owing to industrial action as a result of the restructuring plan announced by the management over the past week.
Out of 438,800 drivers who took breathalyser tests during the last BOB campaign, conducted this winter, only 9,219 or 2.1% had drunk too much.
On Wednesday, the Court of Cassation dismissed the appeal by the Belgian state against a decision by the Brussels Indictment Division ordering that a refugee be set free.