The Flemish region has announced a plan to attract highly-trained work-seekers from outside the European Union, employment minister Philippe Muyters said.
Elderly Belgians will not be reimbursed the cost of seeing a therapist due to budget constraints.
"Many independent surveys” have shown that plain packaging has had no “visible effect” on smokers’ numbers, the federation of cigarette manufacturers of Belgium and Luxembourg, Cimabel, said on Tuesday.
Although economic growth in Belgium has been gradually slowing down, the unemployment rate should drop continuously in the country’s three regions in the next few years, according to the “Regional Economic Prospects 2018-2023” report.
The Asylum and Immigration Office confirmed to the Belga press agency, on Monday evening, that it had deported the criminal Safet Rustemi in June 2017.
On Tuesday, the Belgian and Tunisian secretaries of state for Migration, respectively Theo Francken and Adel Jarboui, signed an agreement.
The Social Inspectorate has already checked 1,885 companies in the construction sector this year.

Heavy traffic ahead this weekend

Tuesday, 17 July 2018 13:25
The 20 to 22 July weekend is expected to be especially busy on the roads, warns Touring Monday.
The Ixelles Communal Council has responded positively to the wish expressed by a multitude of associations to organise an annual day of remembrance.
The success rate of the July medicine and dentistry entrance exam in the Walloon-Brussels Federation reached 20.26%, announced Monday the Academy for Research and Higher education (ARES).