Four Belgian fishermen were rescued on Wednesday from their capsized boat by the British coastguard, off the coast of England, in British waters by Eastbourne.
The Brussels prosecutor's office is investigating possible sabotage, after a critical piece of evidence in the case against a member of the Flemish parliament went missing, presumed destroyed.
The Tihange 1 nuclear plant is “outdated” and “extremely dangerous”, German nuclear engineering expert Manfred Mertins said on Thursday during a press conference at the European Parliament.
The Red Cross has included round-the-clock shelter for 250 persons and a new soup kitchen in Brussels, under its  Winter Plan, activated on 1 November in the capital and other big cities.
Just as the Brussels government has requested financial compensation from the tobacco industry for public money invested in the fight against pollution by cigarette butts thrown on the street, Wallonia is discussing with the tobacco companies.
Seven out of ten Belgians are not satisfied with their current income, reveals a new component of the national survey on happiness that was performed by Gent University (UGent) and the life insurer NN on 3,770 people.
Minister of Finance Johan Van Overtveldt (N-VA) places at the government’s table a major reform of the National Bank of Belgium (NBB), providing fewer mandates, more women and a decrease in wages at the Institution, L'Echo and De Tijd report Thursday.
Belgium’s public debt should fall below the symbolic threshold of 100% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2019, the European Commission predicted in its Autumn forecast on Thursday.
The European Commission on Thursday opened an infringement action against Belgium for failing to comply with EU legislation on air quality.
Parking using an invalid disabled parking permit – the familiar wheelchair graphic on a blue background – has become more easily detectable, with a new app to be issued to traffic wardens and police.