FEBETRA (Royal Belgian Road-Haulers and Logistics Service Providers Federation) wrote to Interior Minister Pieter De Crem, requesting that measures be taken to end the yellow jackets road blocks, Sudpresse titles report Thursday.
In its annual report presented on Thursday morning in Berlin, the NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) pinpoints the confinement of families with children in closed centers in Belgium.
Students from schools in Flanders are due to travel to Brussels again today to demonstrate for better government policy to battle climate change.
Melikan Kucam, the Mechelen city councillor accused of selling humanitarian visas for cash, sold off 200 visas for a fee of 10,000 euros each, according to reports from inside his party, Flemish nationalists N-VA.
‘Health for everyone, everywhere’ will be at the heart of the Humanist Democratic Centre (cdH)’s electoral campaign in May next, cdH legislators in Wallonia’s parliament said on Wednesday as they presented their best wishes to the press in a context marked by the announcement of the resignation of party leader…

One in 10 workers cycles and drives to work

Wednesday, 16 January 2019 16:17
Cars remain Belgians’ favourite way to go to and from work, according to the fourth mobility barometer produced by Acerta, but more and more people combine driving with another means of transport.
The Secretary of State for Migration, Theo Francken, decided independently on the attribution of humanitarian visas, Deputy Prime Minister Kris Peeters said on Wednesday.
The principle federal government ministers, despite the government’s current caretaker status, are finalising the texts aiming to prepare Belgium for the potential consequences of a “no deal” Brexit.
The Mons Criminal Court sentenced a former bailiff, who had resigned her position, on Tuesday.
Mehdi Nemmouche, the man accused of carrying out the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels in which four people died in May 2014, spoke briefly at his trial in Brussels yesterday, as we report elsewhere, and then took a vow of silence. But his legal counsel went on to…