Offences were observed in 13% of cafés monitored for compliance with the smoking ban in 2017.
Former staff member of Oxfam-UK, Roland Van Hauwermeiren, admitted making mistakes in the missions he carried out in Liberia, Chad and Haiti, but denied organizing any sex parties while he worked for the NGO.
Urged by eleven municipalities and by the Brabant Flemish province, which threaten to take legal action if he does not propose a decree quickly on air routes for the Brussels Airport (Zaventem), the Federal Minister of Transport, François Bellot, announced Wednesday that he is waiting for the study on sound…
Two Sudanese detained in closed centers have been released by justice since early this week following the publication, last Thursday, by the General Commission for Refugees and Stateless (CGRA) report, as confirmed Wednesday by corroborative sources.
Belgium joined Wednesday a NATO and EU joint program that aims, under the direction of the Netherlands, to equip five European countries — and perhaps more later —with a fleet of tanker aircraft, which is among what lacks the most in European armed forces.

Evident growth of European organic farming

Thursday, 15 February 2018 14:34
Organic farming pursued its growth in Europe, with a market valued at nearly €33.5 billion in 2016 (up by 11.4%).
The “black boxes” equip nearly 80% of restaurants in Belgium, La Libre Belgique is reporting on Thursday, but not all are connected.
Initial findings from an international study, in which researchers from the University of Namur have participated, show that nanomaterials would not be toxic.
A new royal decree requires the Proof house – the institution officially in charge of destroying or neutralizing weapons - to demand evidence from owners to prevent arms that are illegal, stolen or used in crimes from disappearing legally, Justice Minister Koen Geens disclosed on Wednesday.
Researchers at the Institute of Life Sciences of the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL- Catholic University of Louvain) have just registered a scientific breakthrough that paves the way for new antibacterial treatments.