Belgium will adopt the Australian idea of selling cigarettes in neutral, brand-free packets from now on, federal minister for public health Maggie De Block as announced. The minister announced the idea only weeks ago, but has since received a rapid agreement from government colleagues.

Is this the end of camping for a school place?

Saturday, 08 September 2018 13:47
The spectacle of parents camping outside of school doors in the hope of finding a place for the for the coming year for their offspring is at an end, Flemish education minister Hilde Crevits (photo) has promised, introducing new rules for inscriptions.

Demo against racism called for Sunday in Brussels

Saturday, 08 September 2018 13:01
An organisation calling itself the Organisation against Islamophobia in Belgium (CCIB) has called for a mas demonstration again racism on Sunday in from the of Justice Palace in Brussels.
Red Cross teams will conduct various demonstrations on Saturday on the occasion of World First Aid Day, the Red Cross announced on Friday.
Prime Minister Charles Michel condemned the racist insults levelled at RTBF presenter Cécile Djunga and denounced the ignoble behaviour of the extreme-right Schild & Vrienden organization in an address at the annual gala of the Coordinating Committee of Belgian Jewish Organisations (CCOJB), held on Thursday evening at the Noble Concert…
The Federal Planning Bureau (FPB) (ed. an independent public agency that draws up studies and projections on economic, social and environmental policy issues) expects the Belgian economy to grow by 1.5 percent this and next year. That is 0.1 percentage point less than was predicted in June.
About 20 French-speaking Belgian politicians of foreign origin from various parties organised a meeting with the press on Friday in Brussels to jumpstart a broad movement against racism.
Pregnant women should abstain entirely from alcohol during their pregnancy, according to a new campaign from the department of Maggie De Block, federal minister for public health.
Politicians and others have been reacting to the revelation of the existence in Belgium of a strongly nationalist, racist and xenophobic group calling itself Schild & Vrienden, as we reported yesterday.
Near half (49 %) of workers affirm they themselves can choose methods or techniques used to achieve their work objectives is what comes out of the biennial study led by human resources services group Acerta, published Thursday.