Greenpeace and Febiac clash on diesel

Tuesday, 09 January 2018 20:16
Greenpeace and the Belgian Automobile Federation, Febiac, are locked in a war of words over the use of diesel in vehicles.
Brussels Airport and the regional airports of Charleroi, Liège, Ostend and Antwerp received a record total of 33.3 million passengers in 2017.
Prime Minister Charles Michel confirmed on Tuesday that work on the Regional Express Network (RER) will resume in March.
Dozens of individuals have received a fine in the last few weeks, without having received a prior police statement.

Even more company cars in Belgium

Tuesday, 09 January 2018 14:50
In 2017, 292,734 new company cars were recorded, or 3.2% more than previous year.
In December 2017, the service responsible for correcting tax irregularities has received further demands from reformed fraudsters, than during all of 2016.
The Prevention Service of the commune Molenbeek-Saint-Jean in partnership with the University of Kansas, from this Monday has opened the exhibition entitled “What were you wearing on that day?”.
The Prime Minister Charles Michel revealed Monday a “firm” position vis-à-vis the four parties of the government coalition, still agitated by the question of the fate reserved for the Sudanese after their repatriation, rejecting in particular all blackmail or provocation coming from the opposition or majority.
The Energy Pact will not be postponed to the governmental negotiations after the 2019 elections, guaranteed the President of Open Vld, when questioned in “De Zondag.”
The resignation of the Secretary of State for Asylum, Theo Francken, is not on the cards, the chairman of the Christian Democratic and Flemish party, CD&V, Wouter Beke, said on Monday after a meeting of the party’s executive.