A consultative forum on flights over Brussels will be held after the October municipal elections and the formation of the new municipal councils, the Office of Mobility Minister François Bellot told the Belga news agency on Thursday.
Ryanair rejected Thursday CNE’s “false declarations,” according to which the strike by a “small minority” of its cabin crew on 28 September will cause “chaos” in its network.
Once every six years, Belgium holds municipal elections throughout the country. On 14 October, this will happen again, including in the nineteen communes of the Region of Brussels-Capital. Foreign residents often ask why one needs these nineteen communes. Would it not be better for Brussels to form a single commune?
There were 455 physical attacks last year against staff of Belgium’s national railway company, the SNCB, an increase of 11% from 2016, La Dernière Heure on Wednesday quoted Mobility Minister François Bellot as stating in response to a question in parliament.
The first edition of “Journalisme en devenir” (Aspiring journalism), a festival that aims to highlight the productions of journalism graduates, will take place on 28 and 29 September in Brussels, the event’s organisers announced on Wednesday.

Brussels police zoom in on Alhambra

Tuesday, 11 September 2018 19:59
Following complaints by area residents, complete with video footage, of repeated incidents of drug trafficking and other crimes, Alhambra district in the centre of Brussels has become a priority zone for police, Brussels Mayor Philippe Close said on Monday evening.
Police officers who go on patrols with tasers also need to be equipped with defibrillators, various media on Tuesday reported police union spokesman Ruddy Callewaert as saying.
Criminals have a greater tendency to become involved in terrorism in Belgium and France than elsewhere in Europe, according to a study on gangster terrorism in Europe on which Het Laatste Nieuws reported on Tuesday.

Belgium launches national investment pact

Tuesday, 11 September 2018 16:09
The Strategic Committee launched the National Pact for Strategic Investments on Tuesday at a grand ceremony held in the renovated Africa Museum in Tervuren.
In Flanders, a student who lives in a bedsit and does not have a scholarship forks out 12,640 euros per year on tuition and living expenses, the Budget Advice and Research Centre of the Thomas More University of Applied Sciences in Mechelen stated on Monday.