Fost Plus reported on Monday that it recycled some 698.000 tonnes of household packaging waste in 2017, achieving a recycling rate of 89.1%, up from 87.4% in 2016, and setting a European record.
Belgium will occupy a place of choice in 2020, in the second phase of the ExoMars Europe-Russia space mission, the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ORB) said on Monday, disclosing that the LaRa transmitter-receiver is billed to be the first Belgian instrument to be placed on the red planet.
The Belgian singer Maurane’s funeral will take place at 10am this Thursday. It will be held in the Notre-Dame des Grâces church in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, her press officer revealed on Sunday.

The sun will be back on Monday

Sunday, 13 May 2018 12:19
The weather will remain cloudy on Sunday afternoon. Rain – even storms – will hit the North-East of the country. However, the West will remain dry, according to forecasts by the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM).
The Flemish animal welfare budget has just received a huge donation of 1.3 million euros.
The municipal council of Knokke-Heist is reported to be considering shutting down the 24 beach bars in the town, to deter drunken tourists who arrive from elsewhere in the country and spend the day doing nothing but drinking.
The commune of Uccle is organising a resident consultation project via internet. It is a first for Brussels.
The Belgian Muslim Executive Body (EMB) elected a new President during a meeting on Friday evening, RTBF said on their website.
A sit-in taking place this weekend aims to prevent a series of police actions announced by federal home affairs minister Jan Jambon against the growing number of migrants camping out in the Brussels-North railway station.
Amnesty International wants Belgium to make sure the suspected member of the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group, Tariq Jadaoun, enjoys the right to a fair trial, the director of Amnesty International Flanders, Wies De Graeve, said on Friday.