Benelux Summit cancelled, Prime Minister busy

Thursday, 13 December 2018 17:37
The Benelux Summit scheduled Thursday morning before the EU Summit was canceled because of the political situation in Belgium.
About 15% of Belgian children aged 1 to 15 years live in situations of deprivation, and while the rate is similar to France’s, it is higher than that of all other neighbouring countries, according to a new study released on Thursday.
Because of possible demonstrations by Yellow Vests on the weekend of 15-16 December in Paris, Belgium’s Foreign Ministry is advising travellers to postpone any visits to the French capital this weekend.
The Flemish parliament yesterday approved a proposal to ban smoking in cars in the presence of children. The proposal was passed unanimously.
Four Belgian citizens accused with eight others of human trafficking have been acquitted by a court in Brussels. The four had taken in refugees who had been transported to Belgium on their way to the United Kingdom.
A rare type of meteorite, only the sixth ever to fall on Belgian soil, has been given a new permanent home in the Museum for Natural Sciences in Brussels – 47 years after it plummeted out of the sky.
Citizens’ groups and organisations have called for a rally for climate and social justice on Sunday outside the Office of the Prime Minister on 16 rue de la Loi in Brussels.
Benelux has called on the European Commission to examine, in three months’ time, options for increasing the European Union’s climate commitments in line with the target of zero-carbon emissions by 2050.
Wallonia will become the partner of the “Solar Impulse Foundation”, a foundation created by the Swiss Bertrand Piccard, the objective of which is to select and give its seal of approval to 1,000 ideas beneficial for climate.
Belgian CEOs earn 35% less than their German counterparts and 29% less than their British colleagues.