The Consultation Committee for Bioethics in Belgium has prepared a positive opinion, after spending five years considering the support for sexual activities for people with a disability.
On Wednesday discussions are planned as to the necessary clean-up and rebuilding works to undertake at the Paardenmarkt, in Antwerp.
Women passed the 50% mark in the judiciary many months ago and now comprise 54% of all magistrates, La Libre Belgique newspaper reported on Tuesday, based on statistics from Justice Minister Koen Geens.

Snow expected on Wednesday

Tuesday, 16 January 2018 18:03
The weather will be variable, rather windy with occasional showers on Tuesday afternoon, followed by snow, overnight, in parts of the country, according to the Royal Meteorological Office, IRM.
Rescue services continued searching for victims under the rubble of buildings destroyed by an explosion in the Paardenmarkt area in Antwerp that claimed two lives and injured at least 14 persons, one of them critically, on Monday night.
The Public Prosecutor’s Office, in Hal-Vilvorde, requested a two-year prison sentence for the false Iranian agent.
Axel Witsel produced the best goal of 2017 for the Red Devils.
The Antwerp Public Prosecutor’s Office was advised of the explosion which took place on Monday evening at the Paardenmarkt, but has not yet investigated the causes of the tragedy.

Two people killed in Antwerp explosion

Tuesday, 16 January 2018 11:42
The emergency services were called to an explosion on Monday evening at the Paardenmarkt site in Antwerp.
The Office of the Public Prosecutor in Brussels opened 802 files on terrorism in 2017, according to its spokesman, Denis Goeman, who said the figure had remained stable for many years now.