A new suspect has been arrested in the Netherlands for the death of a Yellow Vest in Visé, a spokeswoman of the Prosecutor’s Office in Liege announced on Monday.
The N-VA has the ambition to govern after the elections. But the Flemish nationalists have put confederalism back on the table, their president Bart De Wever said Saturday at the party’s New Year's reception.
Because IT specialists are among the most sought-after professionals, the Flemish employers organisations VOKA and Agoria are also looking for IT specialists outside the European Union.
Outgoing Minister of Telecommunications, Flemish Liberal Philippe De Backer, calls for the State’s withdrawal from Proximus in the coming years, he said Sunday during the TV programme "De Zevende Dag" (één-VRT)).
Belgium’s national air-traffic control company, Skeyes, guided 1,101,145 airplanes in Belgian airspace and at the country’s airports in 2018, a 2.4-percent increase on the preceding year, the company said in its latest annual report, published on Monday.
Minister of Finance Alexander De Croo requests FPS Finance to tackle the Federal mediator’s report on tax debt recovery, and to rapidly implement its recommendations.
A bus Stib driver was arrested Sunday following a sexual assault which took place at Montgomery metro station, according to information released by Sudpresse Monday.
Restoration work on the 123-metre-high towers of Antwerp Cathedral will begin on 21 January.
The lorry driver accused of being at the wheel of a truck which killed a Yellow Vest demonstrator last week on the E25 motorway at Visé near Liege has been arrested by Dutch police near Tilburg, the Liege prosecutor's office said.
A Belgian pilot is thought to be behind one of the most mysterious crimes of 20th century.