Animal Rights has discovered hidden camera footage showing sick and injured cows being delivered to a German butchery to be slaughtered.
The Brussels Correctional Court on Friday sentenced three Belgian jihadis to 5 and 10 years in prison.
Friday night the airspace above Belgium will be closed again, for at least three hours, because of a lack of air traffic controllers, said Skeyes spokesperson Dominique Dehaene.
Horse owners have been warned of the dangers of the seeds and young shoots of the sycamore tree, which can be toxic for horses. The warning comes from the Flemish horse association PaardenPunt.
Mechelen is the only Belgian town named in the European Green Leaf Award (EGLA), a prize of 75,000 euros awarded by the European Commission to a municipality of fewer than 100,000 inhabitants for its efforts with regard to sustainability and quality of life.
Unions representing the drivers of Flemish public transport authority De Lijn have threatened to strike unless rapid action is taken over the conditions in the underground bus terminal at Brussels North station.
Worldline's network and systems will be temporarily unavailable over the night from Sunday to Monday, from 00.15 to 04.30, due to an update of the computerised electronic payments system, the electronic payments company stated.
Luc Driesen from "Frituria Estrella" in Malle wants to cook frites for 126 hours -five days and six hours- in order to break the world record.
Almost a quarter of Belgian children with asthma developed it due to traffic emissions, making Belgium ninth worst in the world for this phenomena.
A partially decomposed body was discovered on a construction site in Mons on Thursday afternoon, according to reports.