On Sunday, MP Peter Luykx (N-VA) called on Belgium to support Christian Asia Babi.
A police car hit some cars parked in front of the station in avenue Georges Rodenbach at around 5:45pm on Friday.
The price of electricity for November has gone back to what it was in mid-September.

Ceremony at Yser tower for the Great War

Sunday, 04 November 2018 22:31
Around 50 sympathisers commemorated the 100th anniversary of the 1st World War Armistice at the Porte de la Paix.
The city of Antwerp has joined forces with the Dutch NGO Terre des Hommes to tackle the problem of so-called loverboys – young men who enter into relationships with young girls with the aim of forcing them into prostitution.
A group of Brussels’ top chefs gathered yesterday at the weekend to make soup in public to aid an appeal for the homeless organised by the Red Cross.
Malika El Aroud is trying to avoid deportation by requesting political asylum in Belgium, La Libre Belgique reported on Saturday.
The nomination of former minister Steven Vanackere as a director of the steering council of the National Bank (BNB) has caused complaints among government coalition parties, and within Vanackere’s own CD&V party itself.
The Brussels public transport authority Stib has admitted that nine cases of scabies have been discovered among staff at the transport depot in Haren in the north of Brussels.
A man has been arrested and charged with murder after the tied-up body of a woman was found in the boot of a car dragged from the River Sambre in Bonnine near Namur.