Belgium has the second highest hourly labour costs in Europe, 39.6 euros in 2017 as against 39.2 euros in the previous year, the European statistical office, Eurostat, reported on Monday.
From 6 to 16 April, trains are no longer running on the Ottignies-Leuven line (L139), an important freight corridor in Europe.
The Antwerp rabbi, Aaron Malinsky, wishes to be a candidate in the forthcoming communal elections, on the electoral list for the Christian Democratic and Flemish party (CD&V).
Le Soir reports on Monday that police officers on patrol are equipped with a firearm in six out of ten police zones in Belgium.
In Flanders, only 12,837 permits were issued last year for a home renovations. That is the lowest number since 1997.

Racing cyclist Michael Goolaerts dies

Monday, 09 April 2018 14:24
The young racing cyclist, Michael Goolaerts, died on Sunday evening in hospital in Lille.
Argenta has initiated payment of compensation to customers, who have suffered losses owing to the bank’s IT issues last week.
As of Monday, Facebook will warn its 87 million users affected by data theft from the company Cambridge Analytica.
A shared car which is part of the “Poppy” network was involved in a serious accident in Antwerp on Saturday.
Federal State Secretary Philippe De Backer (Open Vld) wants to use data from mileage checks and number-plate recognition cameras to fight social fraud, he told VTM Nieuws on Sunday.