Sunday’s Claim the Climate march in Brussels, with 65-75,000 people taking part (depending on who is estimating) was the biggest of its kind the country has ever seen, and dwarfed only by a march against nuclear weapons in 1983, and the White March against inaction against child abuse in 1996,…
Belgium will invest an extra 43 million euros in Women’s Rights all over the world.
Three people were injured at around 7pm on Saturday, during a brawl in a bar in rue de la Rivière in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode.
The former RTBF General Administrator, Robert Stéphane, died suddenly on Saturday.
Carl Decaluwé, governor of West Flanders, has called for the Flemish region to follow the example of Wallonia by banning the sale of alcoholic drinks in motorway service stations.
The federal food safety agency has ordered two Belgian companies to recall a number of products because of a risk of salmonella.
Matthias De Clercq, grandson of former minister Willy De Clercq, will be the new mayor of Ghent, replacing long-standing mayor Daniel Termont, and heading a four-party coalition of his own Open VLD, Groen, socialists and one member of CD&V.

296 litres less rain than a normal year

Sunday, 02 December 2018 01:31
2018 has seen the lowest number of rainy days ever recorded, which means groundwater levels are now a big concern.
The Brussels French Communal Commission (CoCof) will soon submit an appeal to the Constitutional Court, against the recent changes to the Nationality Code.
The measures imposed on the 63,000-hectare Swine Fever safety perimeter in Belgium will continue for an undefined period.