Two Sudanese refugees deported from Belgium

Thursday, 19 April 2018 08:05
The last two Sudanese nationals detained in closed centers who had been screened by officials from Khartoum were expelled Wednesday night.

Shift to riskier investments in Belgium

Thursday, 19 April 2018 07:46
The federal government has reoriented savings in Belgium towards riskier investments.
Overpopulation, the shortage of resources and the non-entry into force of the entire set of rules on prison administration are leading to “ever more difficult” detention conditions in Saint-Gilles prison.
A work by the Finnish artist, Kaarina Kaikkonen, was unveiled on Tuesday at the end of the day, on the lift in the Brussels Les Marolles district.
Three companies have sold a component which can be used to produce the nerve agent sarin to Syrian companies with the approval of the Belgian customs that apparently did not enforce a ban in force since 2014.
The number of Walloon job seekers who find work in Flanders increased sharply last year, reported De Tijd onWednesday.
Belgium’s army has deployed members of its new “trained reserve” for the first time in the streets of Brussels to support the Federal Police under an initiative dubbed Operation Vigilant Guardian (OVG).
To monitor the quality of Internet calls, telecom operator Proximus has listened to conversations of its customers. According to the Privacy Commission, this could be illegal, writes De Tijd on Tuesday.
Prime Minister Charles Michel has presented a formal proposal to the European Commission for the Arco file. The proposal has not been discussed in the government, reported De Tijd and L'Echo on Tuesday.
Fake information is difficult to ignore even when you know it is incorrect, according to a study led by Free University of Brussels (ULB) researchers.