The Free Public Service Union (SLFP) proposed on Sunday that inmates should be allowed to carry out civil tasks outside prisons.
STIB and Brussels authorities opened the first electric bus line at midday on Friday.
A 58 year old man tried to rob a pharmacy in Schaerbeek on Friday morning, the Brussels prosecutor's office said on Saturday.
The Brussels regional government has reached an agreement in principle to ban diesel cars from the city from 2030, environment minister Céline Fremault announced.
The federal government will have to pay high penalties if it does not adapt flight routes over the Northern periphery of Brussels, in virtue of the decision rendered in referral, Wednesday, by a Flemish-speaking judge of the Brussels Court, reported Thursday De Standaard.
The Taxistop non-profit association has just launched a new application designed to encourage and facilitate carpooling.
Mobility problems have curbed employment growth in Brussels, where only 736 jobs were created from June 2015 and June 2016.
The Leopold II tunnel is the most polluted location in Brussels, according to an environmental study to measure air quality in the capital.
Two homosexual individuals were victims of a homophobic attack in the street where they live in Schaerbeek.
A team of researchers from Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK-CEN) is participating in an international research project on ways how to reduce health risks from radiation when travelling in space. The results can pave the way to return trips to Mars in the future and contribute to solving health problems…