Just under three-quarters (74.8%) of Brussels residents feel road traffic speeds should be reduced and that this is the most important parameter that needs to be changed to make the capital’s roads safer.
The Brussels-Capital-Ixelles police zone confirmed on Tuesday morning that one of its policeman had been injured during a knife attack in front of the police station, in the Rue du Marché au Charbon, in the centre of the capital.
About 70 Iranians demonstrated in Brussels on Monday to demand that the European Union (EU) declare the government of their country a “terrorist regime”.
The organisation which runs a shower facility for the homeless has launched a voucher system to allow members of the public to help pay for the service.
Flemish public transport authority De Lijn has given the SNCB until coming Friday to do something about the safety situation at Gare du Nord in Brussels, or it will stop using the station as a terminus for its buses from 26 November.

Lloyd's opens European head office in Brussels

Wednesday, 14 November 2018 12:07
Lloyd's, the largest insurance market in the world, has opened its new European head office.

Brussels presents 2.5-euro coin

Sunday, 11 November 2018 18:43
Mont-de-Piété in Brussels presented its joint project with the Dutch Royal Treasury on Friday.
L'Echo and De Tijd are reporting on Friday that the Belgian state has acquired a 2% shareholding in the largest European securities agent, Euroclear.
The Government of Brussels-Capital Region on Thursday asked its ministers to quickly submit a full inventory of measures taken or to be taken for all public services and institutions under their authority, in preparation for Britain’s exit from the European Union (Brexit).
Oussama Atar, the Belgo-Moroccan aged 33, believed to be a presumed mastermind of the Paris and Brussels attacks, was killed by an airstrike by the international anti-jihadist coalition in Syria.