It’s maybe still too early in the year for café terraces, but you can spend the month of March exploring the vibrant culture of Brussels, from indie films in a restored picture palace to Europe’s biggest design fair.
Federal police searched Khalid El Bakraoui’s house just twenty days before the Paris attacks.
Brussels had 9,535 young unemployed people in February.
The Walloon government did not agree Thursday on a draft royal decree to raise the speed limit from 120 to 130 km per hour on certain sections of the motorways.
Children still face significant inequalities in Belgium. In particular young people with a disability, assisted by Youth Aid, and child migrants don’t have the same opportunities as others.
A wave of winter rainfall will cross Belgium Friday afternoon from the French border and cause ice on roads.
Next week, the Cabinet will discuss proposals relating to the future of the Grand Mosque in the Brussels Parc du Cinquantenaire.
The lawyers of Mohamed Abdeslam and a second suspect, prosecuted for an armed robbery against employees in the municipality of Molenbeek, claimed Wednesday in the court that their clients should be released.

Yesterday coldest day in records

Thursday, 01 March 2018 10:49
Yesterday was the coldest 28 of February in Belgium since the beginning of measurements in 1901 according to the Royal Meteorological Institute (MRI).
The Refugees Citizen Support Platform has been awarded the “Bruxellois of the year 2017” trophy, all categories, during a ceremony led by Sara De Paduwa, and organized by Vlan Brussels, Le Soir, BX1, in collaboration with Viva Brussels.