Almost half of public sector employees in Belgium experience some form of ‘digital stress’ according to a new study.
Private companies hold several keys which could help society develop a more sustainable mobility in the country’s central metropolitan zone, in a political context which, up until now, has limited the progress margin in this area.
The Flemish government's Agency for Nature and Woodland has issued a yellow alert for several forests and woods in the greater Brussels area.
A Belgian couple suspected of plotting a terrorist attack was arrested earlier this afternoon in Brussels.
A commuter car park on the outskirts of Brussels that was meant to reduce traffic coming into the capital has so far attracted just six drivers.
According to a study of home-work trips by Brussels Studies, 345,250 of approximately 708,900 employees lived outside the Brussels-Capital Region at the end of 2016.
The month of July is the perfect time to discover the city’s open spaces, from secret rooftop terraces to open-air concert venues. Here are some ideas to get you moving outdoors. LISTEN TO COOL SOUNDS IN THE PARK  Kiosk Radio at Park Royale Two music fans launched their micro radio…
Residents of the Stockel area of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre were yesterday ordered to remain inside their homes, as police in the zone dealt with a suspect vehicle.
This weekend, the monumental Leopold II tunnel, which links the tunnels of the inner ring around Brussels to the approaches to the motorway at Groot-Bijgaarden, will close for two full months in both directions.
A motion to impose the 30 kilometer-per-hour speed limit on some local roads, rather than all, was adopted on Thursday evening in the Uccle Communal Council.