The Brussels Local Government Regional Public Service is indicating that no less than 100,789 Brusselers did not go to their local polling station on Sunday.
Brussels record temperature for the date 13th of October was beaten on Saturday, as the temperature reached 25.6 degrees.
Rue Neuve, the busiest commercial street in the capital, is to be given a facelift.

First refuge for LGBT youth opens in Brussels

Wednesday, 10 October 2018 23:25
The first refuge in Belgium for LGBT youth has opened in Brussels.
An empty office block on the busy Avenue de Tervuren in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre in Brussels was demolished at emergency speed on Tuesday. The building had shown signs of imminent collapse.
The majority of Belgians believe the management of migrants in transit to be too lax or favouring confinement of families prior to expulsion.
The Brussels Court of First Instance has sentenced an official in the European Commission for an anti-Semitic hate crime. In July 2015, the official physically assaulted another guest at a coffee bar in the EU quarters in Brussels and insulted her verbally in the belief that she was Jewish.
Hundreds of people protested in front of the European Parliament in Brussels on Saturday.
Kate Winter of Northumbria University has been awarded the €150,000 Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship for her proposal “BioFe in Glacial Systems”. She will conduct research at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Research Station.
“Was the problem with the concrete of our plants estimated well? No,” Philippe Van Troeye, Engie-Electrabel CEO admits, in an interview in La Libre Belgique and La Dernière Heure Saturday.