The often impossible task of trying to get a glass of tap water in Belgian restaurants and cafes has to end, according to a new campaign aiming to convince eateries across the country to serve free tap water to clients.
While Brussels STIB network is almost back to normal after the disruption and damage caused by strong winds on Sunday, some tram lines are still facing issues. 
Philippe Vandenberghe has ended his hunger strike.
Aalst where anti-Semitic stereotypes were displayed at its traditional carnival is located only 51 km from Mechelen with its Museum of the Holocaust and Human Rights. From Kazerne Dossin in Mechelen thousands of Jews and hundreds of Roma were transported to their death in Auschwitz.
Young children from the Arc-En-Ciel school in Forest in Brussels are believed to have been filmed naked in the shower while on a school trip in Bredene on the Flemish coast, La Dernière Heure reported on Friday. 
Belgian singer Ellie Fey has released a song and video inspired by on her own experiences of sexual harassment on the street.
Going on strike for International Women's Rights Day is "not appropriate," according to the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium.
A 46-year-old man from Brussels managed to turn an 8 euro bet into 34,714.31 after a series of predictions worked out in his favour.
Colruyt products ordered through Collect & Go are sometimes more expensive than the products in the store, according to a new study of costs.
The Dutch Parliament’s Second Chamber wishes to end air links between Amsterdam and Brussels.