The Prosecutor’s Office has asked the Brussels Correctional Tribunal to sentence three young suspects to between 2 years and 36 months in prison.
Brussels hotels provided accommodation for seven million tourists in 2017, according to Patrick Bontinck, the President of VisitBrussels.
The Office of the Public Prosecutor requested a two-year jail sentence on Friday at the Brussels Criminal Court for rapper Benlabel, charged with calling for a riot via Facebook one day before riots broke out in the centre of the capital.
The Office of the Public Prosecutor requested a three-year prison term, on Friday at the Brussels Criminal Court, for an 18-year-old man charged with burning a truck during riots on the 11th of November 2017 in downtown Brussels.
The Public Prosecutor’s Office has requested a two-year prison sentence, in the Brussels Criminal Court, for a young man aged 19, accused of having taken part in the November 11th riots in the centre of Brussels.
Brussels business leaders have never been so dissatisfied with transport both in and around the capital.
In 2017, volunteers of the Citizen Support to Refugees Platform offered some 50,000 overnight stays to migrants, who thus then had appropriate shelter located across the entire country.
The body of a man who left an emergency department was found Wednesday in Geraardsbergen in the province of East Flanders.
In 2017, 7,698,767 passengers walked upon the tarmac at Brussels South Charleroi Airport (“BSCA”) last year.
Belgium holds the sad world record of unexpected closures of nuclear power plants according to  Jean-Marc Nollet, head of the Ecolo-Groen group in the federal parliament.