The Brussels government, on Thursday, approved the draft version of the “National Energy Climate Plan – 2030”.
Uccle became on Thursday the last of Brussels’ 19 communes to be equipped with a digital public space where residents can familiarise themselves with information and communication technology.
Following Tuesday night’s shooting at the Strasbourg Winter Market, Brussels, like many other cities, has reviewed security arrangements for end-of-year events, the Mayor’s Office reported.
A body of measures aimed at benefitting small businesses in Brussels Region helped to increase their number by 7,500 between 2015 and 2017.
Brussels now has a cyber-security centre, created on the initiative of Sirris, the collective centre for the technological industry.
Clashes have broken out between some protesters from the ‘gilets jaunes’ movement and the police midday on Rue Montoyer in the European district in Brussels.
Foreign newcomers to Brussels will have to follow an integration course from 2020, under an agreement between the Flemish and Brussels regions.
Brussels and its security forces are preparing for a new demonstration by the Gilets Jaunes, announced for Saturday.
According to news items circulating on social media, some groups of gilets jaunes (or ‘yellow vests’) are calling for a new gathering on Saturday at the Schuman Roundabout in Brussels.
Brussels Capitale-Ixelles police say around 65,000 people took part in the Climate March on Sunday.