Brussels presents 2.5-euro coin

Sunday, 11 November 2018 18:43
Mont-de-Piété in Brussels presented its joint project with the Dutch Royal Treasury on Friday.
L'Echo and De Tijd are reporting on Friday that the Belgian state has acquired a 2% shareholding in the largest European securities agent, Euroclear.
The Government of Brussels-Capital Region on Thursday asked its ministers to quickly submit a full inventory of measures taken or to be taken for all public services and institutions under their authority, in preparation for Britain’s exit from the European Union (Brexit).
Oussama Atar, the Belgo-Moroccan aged 33, believed to be a presumed mastermind of the Paris and Brussels attacks, was killed by an airstrike by the international anti-jihadist coalition in Syria.
Hundreds of protesters from various NGOs and citizen initiatives assembled in front of the European Parliament on Saturday, to demand strong measures to limit climate change.

Luggage strike over at Brussels airport

Thursday, 01 November 2018 09:32
The wildcat strike by luggage handlers employed at Brussels Airport by Aviapartner has ended. The airport announced yesterday afternoon that Aviapartner has resumed work after the week-long strike. Operations were gradually built up during the course of the day and should be fully operational today.
About a hundred flights out of 620, scheduled to depart from Brussels Airport are cancelled Wednesday, due to the strike by luggage handler Aviapartner, indicated the airport’s spokes-person Anke Fransen.
Two women have been found dead on the streets of Brussels, both homeless, apparently caused by hypothermia.
The practical driver’s-license training programme in Brussels will undergo various changes from 1 November, including compulsory training in first aid and a risk-awareness test.
The European Synagogue in Brussels, guarded by soldiers, organised on Monday a prayer in memory of the victims in the anti-Semitic attack against a synagogue in Pittsburgh, US, last Saturday. The European Commission condemned the attack and expressed its solidarity with the Jewish community.