Deliveroo added 29 million euros to the economy in a year

Tuesday, 06 February 2018 18:04
Deliveroo generated 29 million euros in additional income for Belgium’s restaurant sector between June 2016 and June 2017, the British online food delivery company said in a press release based on an economic impact study by the Capital Economics research bureau.
Deliveroo said its delivery service paved the way to expansion for its 1,100 partner restaurants, 45% of which said they acquired new clients via Deliveroo. One in five (20%) partner restaurants indicated that they had broadened their menus or extended their opening hours thanks to the increased customer base resulting from home deliveries, Deliveroo added.

In Belgium, the company’s activities led to the creation of 1,848 job opportunities for deliverers and partner restaurants during the period under review, while 180 jobs were created in the restaurant sector to cater for the increase in activities.

The revenue accruing to the Belgian State in the form of corporate and income taxes was estimated at 2.2 million euros, while about 3.7 million euros in value-added tax was earned from meal purchases through the platform.

Over the next two years, Deliveroo aims to create 8,000 jobs throughout Belgium (deliverers, jobs in restaurants, employment within the Deliveroo company itself) and generate 68 million euros in gross value added for the Belgian economy.

Christopher Vincent
The Brussels Times.
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