The Belgian company HD Ledshine presented the screen on Thursday in Denderleeuw (East Flanders).
The Liege company Nethys carried off the public tender launched in view of the installation of photovoltaic panels on the premises of the Liege Airport.
Certain kinds of jobs could disappear because of the automation of work.
Villages and towns throughout the European Union (EU) can register from Tuesday 20 March to receive a free Wi-Fi hotspot financed by the EU.
Ondraf, Belgium’s National Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials,  defended its decision to opt have highly radioactive waste buried in passive landfills at the presentation of its quinquennial inventory on Monday.
The European Union has got one step closer to developing super-fast internet.
Brussels risks not being the first city in Belgium to be equipped with 5G technology, Agoria, a federation of technological and allied companies, warned on Monday.
A new study by the Energyville research centre casts doubts on the financial soundness of further extending the life of Belgium’s nuclear plants, ‘Le Soir’ and ‘De Standaard’ dailies reported on Thursday.
“There will be no postponing of arbitration in 2019,” the Office of Prime Minister Charles Michel said on Tuesday after the Standaard newspaper reported that the decision on phasing out Belgium’s nuclear plants could be postponed until after elections in 2019, as New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) leader Bart De Weever…
Windmills installed in Belgium's North Sea waters produced last year 2,867 gigawatts/hour of electricity, corresponding to the average consumption of close to 800,000 families, the Belgian Offshore Platform reported on Friday.