A new regional airline operating with a fleet of small aeroplanes out of Antwerp International Airport will aim to sweep “niche markets” up in the air towards as-of-yet unknown destinations.
Construction and renovations of family homes are suffering long delays because of a combination of contractors' full order books, long delivery times for materials and a shortage of trained tradespeople, De Tijd reports.
Lindemans brewery in Vlezenbeek just outside Brussels has decided to switch from road transport to waterways for shipments of its beers to the port of Antwerp for export.
Unions and management at the KBC Group are to start negotiations soon on employment guarantees and security at the banking insurer, Dirk De Backere of the Christian trade union, LBC, said on Thursday.
Belgium’s stance as a hub for foreign investment has progressed significantly, reaching its highest score and climbing up three spots in American management consulting firm A.T Kearney’s yearly investment index.
Brussels households spend nearly 5.5 billion euros annually in the retail trade, of which 3 billion for consumer goods, Brussels Enterprise Accompaniment Agency (hub.brussels) revealed today in a study.
Federal minister for foreign affairs Didier Reynders has called on the regional government of Wallonia to suspend all arms sales to Saudi Arabia, following the revelation that the arms were used in the civil combat in Yemen, in breach of an agreement allowing the export.
With a global score of 6.84/10, Brussels Airport has dropped to the 115th spot in Air Help’s ranking, which gives scores to 132 airports worldwide according to passenger-experience.
Four companies in Brussels have begun tests of having deliveries made by electric bicycles instead of motor vehicles, the VRT reports.
The former owner of the Royal White Star Bruxelles football club will bring legal proceedings against Belgium in an international court and will ask for a minimal compensation of €5 million.