Easyjet braces for Brexit

Monday, 01 April 2019 15:23
Uncertainty around Brexit stands to depress the demand for air travel, the British carrier Easyjet noted on Monday.
Your litre of petrol will cost more on Tuesday, FPS (Federal Public Services) Directorate General for Energy announced today. It will come close to a maximum of 1.5€ per litre - its highest since early November.
Listed Belgian businesses, excluding AB InBev, will give their shareholders a total of 6.3 billion euros, L’Echo and De Tijd reported on Saturday. 
Brussels is failing to keep up with other European cities in attracting British firms to the Continent after the long-awaited Brexit because the city does not seem to welcome British companies, according to the boss of the British Chamber of Commerce, Glenn Vaughan.
EU Member States should conduct a risk analysis on 5G infrastructure in their countries by the end of June and exchange that information so as to develop a continent-wide risk analysis, the European Commission recommended on Tuesday.

Belgium’s shoemakers, a dying breed

Monday, 25 March 2019 16:46
Ten years ago, there were 805 shoemakers in Belgium, but their number has since plunged by 22% to 630, Economic Affairs Department statistics show.
The Flemish government has approved a long-term plan to spend 400 million euros over the next 20 years in managing carbon dioxide (CO₂), considered to be one of the main substances at the root of climate change.
Between 2007 — the year of complete liberalization of the energy market — and 2018, the average cost of electricity for a Belgian household (consuming 3,500 kWh per year) increased by 61.59% to 258.63 euros/MWh.
Flemish Minister for Innovation Philippe Muyters (Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie, N-VA) on Friday launched an action plan on artificial intelligence, focussing on research, ethics and training.
The management of the Docks Bruxsel shopping centre in Schaerbeek has applied to the commercial court in Brussels to have the White Cinema evicted.