The Socialist Party Differently (sp.a) fears that buying 34 Joint Fight Strikers (F-35s) to replace the current F-16s would cost about two billion euros more than expected, based on a U.S. State Department press release that estimates the sale of the F-35s to Belgium at 5.3 billion euros.
Facebook will list information sources to the degree of reliability attributed by social network users, the group announced on Friday.
“There will be no postponing of arbitration in 2019,” the Office of Prime Minister Charles Michel said on Tuesday after the Standaard newspaper reported that the decision on phasing out Belgium’s nuclear plants could be postponed until after elections in 2019, as New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) leader Bart De Weever…
Windmills installed in Belgium's North Sea waters produced last year 2,867 gigawatts/hour of electricity, corresponding to the average consumption of close to 800,000 families, the Belgian Offshore Platform reported on Friday.
Around 43% of SMEs (small and medium businesses) think a shortage of labour is a big obstacle to growth in 2018.

Many stores scheduled to open on 31 December

Friday, 29 December 2017 16:48
Many stores are to open their doors on Sunday 31 December, but will close early. Most of these stores are food businesses and supermarkets.
40% of Belgian companies pay for Cloud computing services, which is an increase of 11% when compared to 2016, the survey on the use of ITC and e-commerce in companies published by the SPF Economy General Direction of Statistics, shows Monday.

Short-term loan rates drop again

Tuesday, 12 December 2017 20:06
Belgium’s Federal Debt Agency has obtained 1.876 billion dollars through treasury certificates on short-term loans.
The tax shift is benefiting Belgian employers. Belgium has dropped a place on the table of the most expensive countries for employers.
The European Commission says it suspects the AB Inbev brewery of abusing its dominant position on the Belgian market by preventing the importation of its Jupiler and Leffe beers into Belgium from the Netherlands and France, where they are cheaper.