European ministers in charge of transport and environment, two sectors often at loggerheads over the environmental impact of vehicular traffic, on Tuesday recognized the urgency of steering the European Union (EU) into a new era of “clean, safe and affordable mobility” so as to improve air quality in urban areas.
A new 50 pence GBP coin will be minted when the UK leaves the European Union.
110 out of 630 flights scheduled to depart Monday from Brussels airport have been cancelled, due to strike actions carried out by baggage handler Aviapartner, according to the airports spokes-person.
Kazakhstan is moving towards the status of a welfare state, developing into the “Nordic model.”
In the night from Saturday to Sunday, as happens every year, the clocks go back one hour and 03.00 becomes 02.00 again, in the change to winter time – but is this the last time that will happen?
The reaction of EU and its Member States to the brutal killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul is characterised by a careful balance between interests and values. EU is demanding an investigation of the murder while avoiding any talk about possible sanctions.
The European Commission has opened an “in-depth investigation” into agreements concluded by Ryanair to use Francfort-Hahn Airport, the Commission said on Friday in a press release.
Members of the European Parliament’s Commission on Civil Liberties made it clear on Monday evening that they wanted to reduce the exemptions that currently allow six member States to conduct checks at internal borders within the Schengen area.
The EU Head of European Diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, has not responded to the pressing requirements of numerous MEPs who were, on Tuesday in Strasbourg, demanding a European reaction.
On Tuesday, the European Parliament (“EP”) adopted the review of the directive on the quality of drinking water.