The European Commission has in recent years adopted a more rigorous approach to preparing the six Western Balkans countries for membership in the EU. The approach is based on a benchmarking mechanism for assessing all chapters of the acquis (EU law), in particular those on the rule of law and…
In 2016, 994 800 people obtained citizenship of an EU Member State, an increase of 18 % compared with 2015.
The parliamentary elections in Hungary on Sunday resulted in an overwhelming victory for Prime Minister Victor Orban and his Fidesz party which received 49 % of the votes and 67 % of the seats in the Parliament. Its majority will allow it to pass changes to the constitution and enact…
Facebook confirmed on Thursday evening to the European Commission that the data of up to 2.7 million residents of the European Union (EU) could have been “illegally” transmitted to Cambridge Analytica, a spokesperson for the Commission said on Friday at its midday press briefing.
The European Parliament’s budgetary control committee quizzed last week Commissioner Gunther Oettinger about the procedure for the controversial appointment of Martin Selmayr to the Commission’s new secretary-general. The public hearing ended with more questions and a critical draft motion for a resolution.
The Catalan ex-President Carles Puigdemont filed a complaint in Belgium after the discovery, about two weeks ago, of a tracking device placed under his vehicle, report several media on the basis of the El Espanol news site.
The European Commission published in March a report by an expert group on fake news and disinformation in social media. The experts have chosen a soft approach to tackle the problem in contrast to a hard approach based on regulation and competing counter-measures.
The European Commission announced yesterday a long overdue proposal to make cross-border payments in euro cheaper across the entire EU.
The leaders attending the EU-Turkey meeting yesterday in Varna, Bulgaria, put on optimistic faces about common interests and solving outstanding issues by dialogue. But they could not hide the fact that they still disagree about Turkey’s accession to EU and its fight against terrorism inside and outside its borders.
Former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont was arrested on Sunday by German police at the border with Denmark. He had arrived by car from a visit to Finland and was on his way to Belgium when a European arrest warrant was reactivated by Spain.