Threatened by the European Commission as to the imposition of new rules to intensify the fight against online misinformation, the main social media platforms (Google, Facebook, Mozilla and Twitter) on Tuesday set out self-regulatory measures.
If a new referendum took place now in Britain as to its membership of the European Union, a study published on Wednesday indicates that the eurosceptics would not replicate their success.
Flemish minister-president Geert Bourgeois is to summon the Spanish ambassador to Belgium to explain why the Madrid government has lifted the diplomatic status of the Flemish government delegate to Spain, André Hebbelinck.
The so-called Tripartite Social Summit between EU institutions, member states and the social partners took place yesterday in Brussels. The issue of harassment at work was not on the agenda.
One year after its launch, the European Battery Alliance is on its way to become a lead player in battery innovation and manufacturing and is building the first pilot production facilities. The crucial raw materials for the production, such as lithium and cobalt, are however still in the ground and…
The parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe called last week on Russia to hand over the wreckage of the Polish Air Force Tu-154 to Poland without further delay and urged both countries to engage in international mediation on the issue.
EU and Iran have agreed to continue trade after the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal.
“The business world is open to Europe, but Europe must also be open to the business world,’’ warned 700 European entrepreneurs gathered in Brussels on Wednesday.

UNRWA’s impossible mission

Thursday, 11 October 2018 08:11
Pierre Krähenbühl, Commissioner-General of UNRWA, visited Brussels on Tuesday to thank the EU for its support and inform about upcoming challenges in UNRWA’s operations and finances. Since the US decided in the beginning of the year to cut its aid to UNRWA, the UN agency for support to the Palestinian…

Religious leaders in Europe share common vision

Wednesday, 10 October 2018 19:15
The European Commission hosted a meeting this week with representatives of religious organisations from across Europe. The participants debated "The Future of Europe: addressing challenges through concrete actions”.