Norwegian journalist and author Åsne Seirstad visited Brussels last month to launch the Dutch translation of her new book about two sisters who in 2013 left Oslo, Norway, to join the Islamic State in Syria. Her book describes the radicalisation process from a Norwegian angle but reflects similar situations across…
The British Government was in crisis on Monday following the resignation of Brexit Minister David Davis, which further weakens the administration of Prime Minister Theresa May, hit by divisions within the majority on the future of the United Kingdom outside of the European Union (EU).
Greece is on course to economic recovery after reaching the end of its third bailout next month according to the key official in charge of providing financial assistance to euro area countries with financial problems.

Yes or no to switch to summertime

Friday, 06 July 2018 09:08
The European Commission launched yesterday a public consultation on the clock changes that occur twice a year to cater for the changing patterns of daylight. Everyone is invited to share his or her views by filling in an on-line questionnaire by the latest 16 August.
The European Council conclusions last week on migration were drafted in the middle of the night and left both EU leaders and journalists without clarity on how  the so-called disembarkation platforms in non-EU countries and controlled centres in EU countries for illegal migrants will work and when they would be…
A committee of the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe adopted last week a report on the air crash outside Smolensk, Russia, in April 2010, calling on Russia to return the wreckage. In the crash the Polish president, his wife and 94 other people representing the Polish state lost…
The European Commission decided yesterday to launch an infringement procedure against Poland regarding its law on the Supreme Court. The procedure was activated as a matter of urgency since several of judges faces the risk of being forced to retire today.
The Principality of Andorra and the European Union announced Friday to have met an agreement on the free circulation of goods that includes a 30-year transitional period for tobacco during which it will be outside of the Customs Union regime.
More than 13,000 British people requested a new nationality from an EU member country in 2017,  the BBC has reported.
A new law on sexual consent came into effect in Sweden on Sunday.