Canary Islands, known as a tourist destination, are now on the spotlight of European Parliament for alleged judicial abuse and repeated violation of human rights.
EU chief negotiator on Brexit Michel Barnier, declared Monday that the EU is prepared to offer London “the most ambitious” post-Brexit trade agreement, on condition that the UK respect the terms of the divorce.

Amsterdam to host European Medical Agency

Monday, 20 November 2017 18:56
Following three rounds of voting, the city of Amsterdam came out victorious to host the European Medical Agency, currently based in London.
Following the first cast of votes, Milan, Amsterdam and Copenhagen are still in the run to host the European Medicines Agency, currently based in London.
For 10 years the European Commission has monitored governance in Bulgaria and Romania under the so-called Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM). Yesterday it issued new reports stating that the CVM benchmarks had not yet been satisfactorily met by the two countries.
On Tuesday, the British government won the first round of votes in parliament at Westminster by a narrow margin.
The Commission intends to establish a High Level Expert group and launch a public consultation on fake news and online disinformation. The results will provide input to the development of an EU-level strategy on how to tackle the spreading of fake news, to be presented in spring 2018.

A Digital Future That Works for Everyone

Friday, 10 November 2017 18:10
Think how much the average workplace has changed in the last two decades. The fax machine has gone. A lot less gets printed. Workers use apps to navigate to and from the workplace, and to turn their heating on before they arrive home.
The European Commission wants the average CO2 emissions by new private cars and vans to be inferior in 2030 by 30% to that of 2021, the Commissioner for Climate and Energy, Miguel Canete announced on Wednesday.
British banks have already made contact with the European Central Bank (ECB) to discuss a potential move of their activities from London to a Eurozone country, the ECB said on Tuesday.