The European Commission on Monday proposed a ban on 10 products containing plastic that can be easily replaced at little cost.
European Union (EU) Foreign Ministers on Monday extended sanctions against the Syrian regime to the 1st of June 2019.
The European Commission announced last week an action plan on sustainable finance to encourage the EU financial sector to invest in a greener and cleaner economy. At this stage the proposals are focussed on environmental investments and social factors are expected to be included later on.
The European Commission published yesterday its 2018 conversion report on the progress of the non-euro member states towards joining the euro area. In varying degrees, none of them currently meet all the formal conditions.
The European Commission announced last week its third and final package in the transport sector aiming at safer traffic, less polluting vehicles and more advanced technological solutions. A line-up of three Commissioners presented the ideas for the modernisation of mobility in Europe.
The Vice-President of the European Commission, Jyrki Katainen, said on Thursday that possible tariffs on vehicles from the European Union (EU) being considered by Donald Trump were “very difficult to understand”.
On Tuesday, the Secretary of State for the Protection of Privacy, Philippe De Backer, expressed his disappointment.
The British company, Lloyd’s of London, indicated on Wednesday that it has obtained its licence to operate in Belgium from the National Bank of Belgium.
Tuesday’s meeting between Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, and some MEPs in Brussels to get some explanations on the social network’s shortcomings with respect to the users’ data protection, will finally be transmitted live on the net, announced the EU Parliament Monday.
With a reputation of a slow-working institution which only gets its act together in face of an urgent crisis, the speedy reaction of the EU to preserve the nuclear deal with Iran and protect the interests of European companies investing in Iran has taken even experienced observers by surprise.