The European Commission intends to significantly increase climate targets.
European Union (EU) farmers will now be able to receive advances on farm aid for which they are eligible, the European Commission announced on Thursday.
The EU Commission has spoken out against a new rule brought in by the Belgian government which would charge journalists a fee of €50 for the right to attend EU summits.
The European Union (EU) has mobilized considerable resources since Monday to help fight fires in Greece, Sweden and Latvia concurrently, and put its civil protection mechanism to the test.
Poland decided to send 140 firemen to Sweden to combat forest fires that are sustained by a major drought and are raging in the south of this Scandinavian country, announced Friday Polish Minister of Internal Affairs.
Wednesday, the EU imposed a record 4.34 billion euros fine on Google, this time in connection with the Android antitrust file, a decision that risks damaging its relations with the US even more.
European protective measures, resulting from the increase in customs duties on imports of steel and aluminium to the US, enter into force on Thursday.
European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker will travel to Washington on Wednesday, the 25th of July, to meet U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House, the Commission indicated on Tuesday in a brief press release.
The EU Council President, Donald Tusk, appealed to China Monday in Beijing, and also to the US and Russia, to “avoid chaos,’’ just as Donald Trump’s America has entered into a power struggle with his major trading partners.
UNRWA, UN’s agency for the Palestinian refugees, has had some success but has not quite covered its deficit after an acute economic crisis due the President Trump’s withdrawal of funding to the agency according to its director in Gaza who visited Brussels last week. At the same time tension escalated…