Do you remember the first time you had sex? And the time just before that, when your doctor examined your genitalia to determine whether you were still a virgin?
Both Brussels’ and Belgium's federal government have long boasted of the country's capital city being a global press centre, second only to Washington, D.C.
Rue Antoine Dansaert, set in the middle of the fashionable Dansaert district, is often proclaimed as the heart of Brussels design, of hipsters; a place for an elusive brand of Dutch speaker. But is that all more fiction than fact?
As any bartender the length of the country will assure you, Belgium is the home of great beer.
Brussels citizens eat more sustainable food year after year. A few pioneers initiated the trend some time ago and now the market is booming.
Hundreds of Belgians left to fight for jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq. But what happens when they return? And how big a threat do these returning “foreign fighters” pose to our safety and security?

Derek Blyth's hidden secrets of Brussels

Tuesday, 02 April 2019 17:58
Derek Blyth is the author of the bestselling The 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels. He picks out ten of his favourite hidden secrets in every issue for The Brussels Times Magazine. These are the picks in the latest April issue.PETITE RUE MALIBRANThe quiet Petite Rue Malibran is one of a…
The city’s L'Ilot Sacre (“Sacred Island”) quarter, a tiny area with just three to four streets, used to be the place to be seen in Brussels.
The election of the European Parliament is arguably the standout EU event this year but also the one that many fear the most.
In December of 2018, Belgium’s government collapsed over ideological disagreements between the ruling parties with regards to the Marrakesh Pact, a non-binding UN migration pact drafted in July last year.