EU Commission prepares for no-deal Brexit

Thursday, 20 December 2018 16:27
The European Commission has begun taking measures to plan for the departure by the United Kingdom from the European Union with no formal agreement, the so-called No-Deal Brexit, according to La Libre.
It was agreed in the Consultative Committee Wednesday that the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders (MR) would plead at the European level in favor of an embargo on arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Flemish Minister-President Geert Bourgeois (N-VA) reported to the Flemish Parliament.
The British Government published on Wednesday a white paper on the immigration system it plans to establish after Brexit.
On Wednesday morning, EU member-state negotiators and the European parliament agreed to prohibit a number of single-use plastics.
On Monday, the European car industry, speaking through the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (the “ACEA”), made known its “serious concerns” on CO2 emissions.
Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said on Friday on the margins of a summit in Brussels that he would like the European Commission to be able to conduct investigations and possibly take action against people who carry out disinformation campaigns to try and “destabilise democracies”.
The EU Commission was not acting within its powers to set lower emissions standards for new diesel cars than for older models, the European Court of Justice has ruled, in a case brought by Brussels-Capital Region, Madrid and Paris.
It should soon be easier to launch a European Citizens’ Initiative, following a political agreement between negotiators of the European Parliament and the European Council on a Commission proposal to revise the Initiative.
EU Member States have had five years to implement measures within the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), but are still lagging behind and are likely to miss important 2020 deadlines on biodiversity conservation and sustainable fisheries management.
On Tuesday, Theresa May is going to The Hague and Berlin, to meet the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, regarding the Brexit withdrawal agreement.